Our Industries Served

Borehole Drilling

Underground water is the safest of all, as such we drill and install smart boreholes to extract it.

Solar Installation

We ensure that you use safe clean renewable energy by installing solar systems.

Tank Stands Installation

Make sure that you have water reserved in safer places by installing high rise stands with us.

Pump Installation

Solar and Electricity pumps we install to draw water from its source to destination.

Tank Supply

We got a full package for all sized water storage tanks in stock, extended lifetime.

Borehole Servicing

Borehole drlling package come along with a guarantee period upon which we service for free.

Frequently Ask Question

Can you explain depth your drilling machines can go?

Virtual Drilling has acquired the latest drilling machinery which go deep as much as it reachs the water table sufficient enough for the borehole not to dry regardless of terrain.

How do you approach a multi-step problem?

What payment options do Virtual Drilling accept?

Since the industry is characterised with heavy investment we recommend customers to pay before we commence work that is for drilling boreholes and tank stands installations but for other services we can always negotiate.

Our Special Feature

Advance Technology

We keeps ourselves updated & aware with latest technological changes so as to enhance efficiency, now we got a portable drilling machine fit narrow spaces.

World Quality Service

We benchmark our services with the best players in the industry world wide and also employ continuous improvements in all facets of our services.

Lifetime Support

We offer advice 24/7. Our lines are always live to enable fast response and address to challenges being faced by our clients as well as those who need to do business with us.